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 Starting Your Adventure

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PostSubject: Starting Your Adventure   Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:51 am

You start out in Pokémon as a simple villager, with only the hope of one day becoming a master Pokémon catcher to guide you along. Soon enough, though, you find your first Pokémon and are sent on a quest to travel the world, helping Professor Rowan build out the Sinnoh Pokedex with information on all the Pokémon in the land. You also will want to travel to the various Pokémon Gyms in Sinnoh and fight the experienced Pokémon trainers inside. Only after conquering all of the various Gyms will you be able to enter the Pokémon League building and become the greatest Pokémon trainer in all the land.

This guide to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is intended to be a brief introduction to the game concepts introduced in the game; we're not going to include a complete walkthrough or a detailed rundown on the secret areas or items of the game. There is plenty of information on the game's more arcane aspects on GameFAQs.com, so we recommend you check out some of those pages if you're looking for a more thorough walkthrough or hidden information.
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Starting Your Adventure
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