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 Fishing rods

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PostSubject: Fishing rods   Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:36 am

To get the old rod, go to dewford town and talk to the fisherman near the gym. He will give you an old rod.
To get good rod, talk to the fisherman on route 118, east of mauville city. You must need surf to reach him. Talk to him and you will get a good rod.
To get super rod, go to mossdeep city and go north of the space center and go into the house. The man inside will give you a super rod.

Unlockable - : - How to Unlock
Old Rod - : - Talk to fisherman near dewford gym
Good Rod - : - Talk to fisherman on route 118
Super Rod - : - In the house north of the space center
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Fishing rods
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